Saturday, November 10, 2012

Custom Sign Creations

I love making signs!  I love making custom signs with personalized sayings even more! It's fun to share in the joy of an anniversary, congratulate someone on a job well done, or make an occasion personal.  I pray over each and every sign I create while I am painting the wood, stenciling the words, bridging letters, applying the final coat of sealer.  Each sign is a special creation that my family takes pride in.  For more info about our family view our "About" page HERE.

The Process

Customization of a sign begins with the customer leaving a message on my etsy page HERE.  Once we decide what variety, size and font of sign is best suited for the occasion a custom listing is made for the stencil.  Together with my stencil designer in Ohio, we will work to make a personalized sign that you or a loved one will enjoy for years to come.  We correspond through email with our clients to get the desired effect.  Once a design is agreed upon the stencil is shipped to my workshop. A custom listing for the sign is made and then settled before creation of the sign begins.  Once the sign is completed it is shipped in double layer bubble wrap with heavy duty kraft paper wrapped tight and then mailed to the customer.

Overview of process:
* Email sent requesting personalized sign
* Quote for stencil and sign returned through email
* Custom listing for stencil on Etsy posted
* Custom listing is paid for by customer
* Email sent to stencil designer to get creation started
* Emails between stencil designer, myself, and customer to get the design finalized
* Stencil is approved and shipped to Old House Mercantile
* Custom sign listing is posted on Etsy for customer
* Sign is created and shipped (along with stencil) to customer!

Time Frame

The process may take 2-6 weeks.

(Shipping will be custom based on zip code)

12x12 stencils  $35
12x24 stencils $50
12x36 stencils $65
5x24  stencils  $35

12x12 signs $19  Total (before shipping) = $54
12x24 signs $35  Total (before shipping) = $85
12x36 signs $50  Total (before shipping) = $115
5x24   signs $19  Total (before shipping) = $54

Contact me for other sizes.

Please message me through my Etsy shops "CONTACT" button for more details HERE.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Company Background

A little background about our company... I am a homeschooling mom of eight wonderful children!  My husband is a teacher and a part time pastor.  I have a teaching degree that focused around art.  I love to be creative!  Old House Mercantile began with a few crafts and some goat milk soap. After much prayer and consideration I was struck with the idea of making signs.  Since I loved, but couldn't afford any of the signs I found to purchase anywhere else I decided to make my own!  After making a few I was hooked!  I am so happy to be able make affordable signs for other people and also help our family financially!

Old House Mercantile is a bit of a family affair.  The goat milk is from our Nubian does.  Our boys take care of them and I milk them.  When it comes to the signs my husband shops for the wood and cuts it when needed and also puts the sawtooth hanger(s) on the backs of the signs.  Our teenage son gets paid to sand the wood.  I paint and stencil and take care of bookkeeping.  Our daughters are my consultants with what stencils I should try next and also paint combo ideas (most of which get vetoed since they are very interesting combinations!)  Plus they're always thinking of new things we can include in the shop...many of their ideas are in the making!  We thank you so much for your patronage!  What a blessing your orders are to our family! 

If you've reached this blog post by chance, Welcome!  Stop by the shop to see what's new! 

Saturday, September 10, 2011